Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine

Sawdust is a common waste in construction, gardening and forestry. There has been many kinds of ways for recycling them and one of the most profitable ways is making charcoals from them. GreenBeston sawdust charcoal making machine is able to turn sawdust to high quality charcoals and exert no harms to the environment. Since sawdust charcoals have fairly wide usage in human’s daily life and manufacturing industry, sawdust has large potential in recycling. Mostly, the sawdust charcoals can be produced into activated carbon, such as air purification and gas filter or be briquetted as fuels.

Sawdust Charcoal Manufacturing Equipment
Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine Price is Low but Quality is High

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During the process of charcoal making, the sawdust will go through drying and carbonization under high temperature and sealed host. All the biomass wastes you can imagine, such as wood, coconut shells, sewage sludge can be carbonized into charcoals. Our sawdust charcoal making machine for sale has a competitively high working efficiency, but can also save a lot of energy at the same time because we adopt a new heating system. We call it One Fire Two Steps.

One Fire Two Steps heating system, as the name implies, uses one fire to heat the two main parts of the machine, the drying system and the carbonization furnace. In order to improve the heating efficiency, we use Durable Layer Design for the two parts with drying host in the upper position and the carbonization furnace underneath it. Therefore, the fire can heat the carbonization system directly and the residual heat from the carbonization process can be used to heat drying host at the same time.

Features of Beston Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

1. High working efficiency, high quality but low cost

2. Energy saving. The One Fire Two Steps heating system and Durable Layers Design can save a lot of fuels, so as to reduce the cost of the clients.

3. Environmental Friendly. The exhausted gas and smoke will be de-sulfured, du-dusted and cooled before being discharged. We make sure the discharging meet the European Environment Emission Standard.

4. Very safe to operate.

  • We add special casing for the drying host and carbonization host to prevent the operators from hurting.
  • The clients can choose central control system to realize the separation of the operator and the machine.
  • We have standard power control system to make sure the safe operation of the machine.
  • Feeding and discharging are happened in a sealed environment to ensure a safe and good environment for working.

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How to Make Charcoal from Sawdust by Beston Charcoal Manufacturing Machine

1. The constant weight feeder transits sawdust into the upper layer of the machine by belt conveyor. In the upper layer, the sawdust will be dried and then fall freely down to the lower layer for carbonization.
2. In the carbonization furnace, sawdust will turn into carbide through high-temperature decomposition. After the smoke is discharged and get the sulfur released, charcoal will be carbonized from the sawdust.
3. And then the sawdust charcoal will be discharged from the powder discharge port. During the process of carbonization, the residual heat will be used to heat the drying host to save energy.
4. With a gasifier, the combustible gas generated during the pyrolysis process of sawdust can be separated into wood tar and vinegar. They can also be used as fuel to heat the carbonization machine.

Since the gasifier is an optional configuration, the clients can choose to install it according to their budget and real needs.

Gasifier of the Sawdust Charcoal Making Equipment

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Wide Usage of Sawdust Charcoal

Daily life After briquetting, can be widely used in catering services, such as the fuel of BBQ and fuels in other places such as warmer
Agriculture Can be used as fertilizer to improve the quality of soil, so as to enhance the grain output
Industry can be further processed into activated carbon;

used as construction brick with clay;

used as fuel in steel and iron factories, ceramics and so on.

Except for sawdust charcoal, our high quality but low cost charcoal making machine also have other by-products, such as wood tar and vinegar, biogas. Wood tar and vinegar is a kind of fuel which can help to heat the carbonization machine back. Biogas has wide usages as charcoal, which is as follows,

Daily life widely used as fuel
Agriculture greenhouse heating system
Industry used as fuel;

heating the drying system of our carbonization machine;

used in generating electricity

Wood Charcoal Making Equipment Price
Wood Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

Specifications and Parameters of Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine

Model BST-03 BST-05 BST-12 BST-20 BST-30
Raw material Sawdust, coconut shell, wood, rice husk and other biomass material/ waste sludge
Structure Horizontal
Capacity (kg/h) 300 500 1200 2000 3000
Rotary speed of furnace 3-9 turn/ min
Power (Kw/h) 11 15 18.5 30 55
Host size (Width*Height* Length)


1000*1700*800mm 1300*1900*8500mm 1600*2200*8500mm 2200*2800*8500mm 3000*3300*8500mm

Beston sawdust charcoal making machine price is reasonable and quality is high. All of our recycling plants have high performance cost ratio and have gained a good reputation in the world market. If you are looking for a good way to recycle your biomass waste into charcoal, our charcoal machine will be a perfect choice for you. We promise a considerate after-sale service and we believe the clients will gain profitable values from the machines we provide. If you want to know more about our plants, you can go to the homepage of GreenBeston or contact us now.

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