Waste Separation Machine

GreenBeston has designed and manufactured many utility machines for bettering our living environment. We supply professional waste separation machine for the clients who want to sort various wastes from urban life, industrial production, construction or mining work. Our waste segregation machine is a large-scale waste sorting system. The whole structure and configuration of the machine are reasonable with high-level automatic operation to reduce labor costs. Based on different natures, materials and future uses of the wastes, the machine can sort them out clearly. Comparing collecting wastes and centralized disposing them or burning them together, GreenBeston waste sorting plant is a real green plant that exerts no harm to our environment, on the contrary, it realizes recycling of wastes and solves the problem of reducing land space for solid garbage.

Waste Separation Systems
Waste Separation Machine for Sale-Beston Group

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Types of Beston Waste Separation Machine for Sale

Model BFX-100 BFX-200 BFX-300 BFX-400
Raw materials Municipal solid waste(household waste, industrial waste, construction waste, other hazardous waste, etc.) and mining waste
Capacity 100 T 200 T 300 T 400 T
Power 224.7 KW 263 KW 279 KW 294 KW
Area 5366㎡ 6112㎡ 6200㎡ 6800㎡

Advantages of GreenBeston High Efficiency Low Price Waste Separation Machine

  • Clean and sanitary working process: adopts non-loaded cleanser, head sweeper, roller sweeper and ending part tension device to the belt conveyor; adopts deodorization system
  • Reliable safety design: adopts fully automatic control system and emergency stop device to keep operator safe.
  • Wide application: can be used for sorting household waste, industrial waste, construction waste, other hazardous waste and mining wastes.
  • Considerate configuration for different clients: for example, we can add de-dusting system for the clients who want to sort mining wastes. we can also provide rotating screening machine with blades to break bags if necessary. Other available devices can also be added or adjusted according to the actual need of clients.
  • Reasonable structure: every part of the machine connected well to keep a smoothing working process.
Waste Separation Machine For Sale
High Quality Automatic Garbage Separation System

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How to Separate Garbage for Recycling

  1. Garbage will be sent to the plate feeder, from which they can be sent to the uniform materials spreader. The spreader spreads all the garbage uniformly on the belt conveyor.
  2. Large garbage will be sorted out manually, and the rest of them will go to magnetic separation machine. Metals in the garbage will be sorted out and then the rest will go to rotating screening machine.
  3. The screening machine has a lot of bores with an diameter of 50 mm. Garbage smaller than 50 mm, usually are organics, will be sorted out and then pressed to transport out. They can be used as fertilizer. Those which are bigger than 50 mm are sent to the magnetic separation again to separate materials like irony drink cans or packing tins and then go to the comprehensive winnowing machine.
  4. In the comprehensive winnowing machine, light plastic and heavy metals will be sorted and respectively pressed and packed for future use. In addition, combustible materials and inert matters like bricks, stones and glasses will be reprocessed respectively according to their future use.
Waste Recycling Sorting Machine
Waste Sorting Machine Layout

Wide Application of End Products of Garbage Separation Systems

Plastic: 1. With waste plastic pyrolysis plant, we can get plastic oil and carbon black, and then get diesel and rubber enhancer; 2. With plastic granules machine, we can get plastic granules to produce new plastic stuff.

Metal: producing steel materials

Organic: 1. can get bio gas from fermentation system; 2. can get charcoals by charcoal making machine if possible.

Brick bats and stones: making new bricks for construction use

Kitchen garbage: turning into organic fertilizer and bio gas

Combustible materials: recycling to brand-new fuels

Owing to the wide use of the end products, our clients can get large profits from them. Therefore, choosing our waste separation machine cannot only help you to solve the problem of garbage but also help you make money from them. As a company which has years’ export trading experiences, we highlight the trading feelings and profits of our clients. If you want to know more about GreenBeston and our products, you can go to the homepage of GreenBeston or leave your message below.

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