Beston BLJ-16 Pyrolysis Plant Installed in South Korea

Recently, Beston BLL-16 semi-type continuous pyrolysis plant started assembling in South Korea. The semi-continuous type plant can process 20 tons of raw material per day but has quite an affordable price at the same time. There, among the four types of the pyrolysis plants offered by Beston, the BLL-16 is the most popular one in recent five years.

As the plant arrived in the customer’s place, Beston’s specialized engineering team also arrived there to guide the workers of the customer to do the preliminary preparation construction work of the pyrolysis plant. Now the basic construction work is finished and the first step of the assembling is also completed successfully.

According to the local climate conditions and the strict environmental protection requirement, we did some customizing designs for the Korean customers.

The customer plans to use this pyrolysis machine to recycle rubber cable skins into fuel oil. Aside from the cable skins, Beston professional pyrolysis plant can also turn waste rubber tyres, sewage sludge, and plastic into oil.

Owing to the high quality and professional attitude of service, Beston products are well-known across the world. If you are interested in using pyrolysis technology to recycle solid waste, you can feel free to leave us a message now.

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