Beston BTF 4-4 Paper Egg Tray Machine Ready for Shipping to India

Recently, Beston BTF 4-4 egg tray machine was ready for shipping to India. The preliminary packaging was completed. The Indian customer witnessed the whole process of our packaging and was very contented with our service.

Egg Tray Machine Shipped to India
BTF 4-4 Ready for Shipping

new buttonAs a professional paper egg tray making machine manufacturer, Beston is well-known in the Indian market. It is also not the first time for us to sell the machine to the Indian customer as well.

Egg Tray Making Machine India
Main Parts Loading
Egg Tray Machine India
Loading for Delivery

The high-quality products, reasonable price and considerate service of Beston Machinery will continue doing our best to receive the orders from all over the world.

Egg Tray Machines India
With Indian Customer

If you are interested in our egg tray machine or paper pulp molding machine, you can now leave your message below.

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