Carbon Black Grinding Machine

The coarse carbon black, mostly coming from waste tires or plastic pyrolysis plant, cannot be used directly in fact. We will need to make the coarse carbon black much more finer for future use. Therefore, the carbon black grinding machine manufactured by GreenBeston is very necessary for us to process the coarse carbon. Generally, the coarse carbon black we get from a scrap tyres pyrolysis plant is about 50 to 60 mesh in size. GreenBeston carbon black grinding machine for sale can grind them into 325 mesh at least. This standard has reached to the N quality carbon black and got very close to the widely-used N 330 carbon black in the market. It can be used in rubber and plastic industry as fortifier, filler and colorant, and also used to produce rubber seal, rubber V-belt, plastic products as well as pigment, etc.

Carbon Black Processing Plant
Carbon Black Grinding Machine Manufacturers-Beston

Aside from carbon black, this machine can also process many hard materials with a Moh’s hardness below Grade 9.3 and humidity below 8%, such as barite, limestone, iron ore, aluminum ore, manganese ore, fluorite, phosphate ore, granite, quartz stone, calcite, etc. The clients can adjust the fineness of the end product within the range of 80 mesh to 425 mesh according to their real needs. They can also produce coarse powder between 30 mesh to 80 mesh by adding special device to the machine.

In accordance with the size of the powder, we classify them into four grades:

Name of the Powder Size of the Powder
Meal Powder 0m -3 m
Fine Powder 80 m – 425 m or 200-33 microns
Superfine Powder 425 m-1250 m or 33-10 microns
Micro Powder 1250 m- 3250 m or 10-3 microns
Carbon Black Powder
Carbon Black

Specification and Parameters of GreenBeston High Quality Low Cost Carbon Black Grinder

Mode BMF-10 BMF-20 BMF-30
Ring Size(DXH)(mm) 780*150 830*140 950*170
Rotating Speed of Main Mill(r/min) 160 150 130
The final Size(mesh) 325 325 325
Capacity (KG/H) 150 600 1500
Power of Main Frame(KW) 18.5 22 37
Power of Air Blower(kw) 15 22 30
Power of Classifier(KW) 2.2 4 5.4
Dimension (mm)(L X W X H) 4300*3500*5100 5300*4100*5200 7100*5900*7900

GreenBeston carbon black processing machine mainly consist of heavy hammer crusher, pipeline, silo, blower, control cabinet, stock bin, bucket elevator, jaw crusher, screw conveyor, electromagnetic vibration feeder, classifier and so on. Beston adopts the latest grinding technologies and humanized structures to this machine. As a professional grinding machine manufacturer, we can also provide different configurations according to different needs from our clients.

Carbon Black Grinding Machine
Pyrolysis Carbon Black Grinding Machine for Sale

Working Process of Carbon Black Grinding Machine for Sale

  1. The jaw crusher crushes the large pieces of raw materials into proper size.
  2. The crushed materials will be fed uniformly, quantitatively and continuously to receive grinding by the vibration feeder through the silo.
  3. The airflow of the fan takes away the powder after grinding and then sends them to the classifier for grading.
  4. The powder that meets the fineness goes to the large cyclone with airflow and then be separated and collected.
  5. Finally, the powder is discharged by the powder tube. That is the finished powder we finally get.
Carbon Black Processing Plant Price
3D Layout of Beston Carbon Black Grinding Plant

Unique Features of Beston Carbon Black Grinding Machine

  • We add high pressure spring to improve grinding power. Comparing with traditional Raymond mill, we can enhance 10-20% output with the same dynamic condition.
  • Fineness adjustment is very easy to operate.
  • We have reasonable design of structure and stable operation flow.
  • We adopt eclipsed form multilevel seal to make sure a better sealing property.
  • De-dusting system is used to ensure the working process meet the national emission standard.
  • The grind roller and grind rings are made of super durable materials to prolong the life of the machine and reduce the maintenance rate.

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