BST-12 Charcoal Making Machine Shipping to Ghana

Last week, Beston BST-12 charcoal making machine was shipped to Ghana successfully. The customer from Ghana ordered this machine to process palm kernel shells and his expected daily capacity is 1000 kg, which the BST-12 can satisfy the requirement easily. After careful packing and loading, all the parts of the palm kernel shell charcoal machine … Read more

Beston BLJ-10 Pyrolysis Plant Running Well in Indonesia

Recently, Beston got the feedback from Indonesian customer of our BLJ-10 pyrolysis plant. The customer gave us a favorable evaluation for the pyrolysis plant. BLJ-10 is a batch-type small-scale pyrolysis plant. The daily capacity can reach 10 tons. The customer uses this pyrolysis plant to mainly dispose of the waste tires. So far, the plant is … Read more

Beston BLL-30 Pyrolysis Machine Ready to Deliver to Romania

Pyrolysis Plant in Romania

Congratulations! BLL-30 continuous pyrolysis plant is leaving the factory and ready for delivering to Romania. As one of the key markets of Beston, Romania customers have cooperated with Beston several times before. Our high-efficiency continuous pyrolysis plant has helped many recycling companies in Romania to recycle the municipal solid wastes. Besides, Beston has a branch … Read more

Beston BLJ-10 Pyrolysis Machine Shipping to Canada

Good News from Beston Group! The new BLJ-10 waste plastic and tyre pyrolysis machine is ready to ship to Canada today! All the relevant devices and parts of the pyrolysis plant have packed and arrived at the port safely. Now they are ready for delivering and shipping to Canada. BLJ-10 is a small scale pyrolysis plant. … Read more

Beston BLJ-16 Pyrolysis Plant Installed in South Korea

Recently, Beston BLL-16 semi-type continuous pyrolysis plant started assembling in South Korea. The semi-continuous type plant can process 20 tons of raw material per day but has quite an affordable price at the same time. There, among the four types of the pyrolysis plants offered by Beston, the BLL-16 is the most popular one in … Read more

Two Sets of Pyrolysis Plants Ready for Shipping to the Philippines

Pyrolysis Plant Price in the Philippines

Yesterday, two sets of Beston pyrolysis plants, one was BLL-20 and the other BLJ-16, were packaged in the factory, ready for shipping to the Philippines recently. The Philippine customer has ordered two sets of machines to process the waste tyres and rubber waste. They have plenty of raw materials to process and also have enough … Read more

Beston Waste Sorting Machine Shipped Successfully to Hungary

Recently, Beston newly designed municipal solid waste sorting machine was shipped to Hungary successfully. The waste separation machine is a large system, so the preparation of shipping was very careful. Firstly, the engineers and sales consultant made a detailed shipping list for the customers and then every item in the list was packaged carefully and … Read more

BLJ-16 Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Starts Assembling in the UK

Beston BLJ-16 waste tyre pyrolysis recycling plant starts the infrastructural project and assembling in the UK recently. It is a semi-continuous type pyrolysis plant which has higher working efficiency than the batch-type one. When the tyre recycling machine was ready to ship, Beston also sent the best team of engineering and maintenance to the UK to … Read more

Beston Waste Pyrolysis Plant in South Africa

GreenBeston’s high output waste pyrolysis plant has completed installation and on-try in South Africa. The professional installing engineers from Beston work together with the local workers and guide them to install the whole set of machinery carefully. After installation, Beston engineers take an all-around examination, so as to make sure there are no bugs of … Read more

GreenBeston BLJ-16 Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in Hungary

GreenBeston BLJ-16 waste tyre pyrolysis plant  has been installed and come into use in Hungary successfully. This type of plant they chose is semi-continuous, so it can process 20 tons of scrap tires per day for the customer from Hungary. GreenBeston professional team of installation and maintenance has helped the customers with the initial problems during the … Read more