Beston BLL-30 Pyrolysis Machine Ready to Deliver to Romania

Pyrolysis Plant in Romania

Congratulations! BLL-30 continuous pyrolysis plant is leaving the factory and ready for delivering to Romania. As one of the key markets of Beston, Romania customers have cooperated with Beston several times before. Our high-efficiency continuous pyrolysis plant has helped many recycling companies in Romania to recycle the municipal solid wastes. Besides, Beston has a branch … Read more

Beston Waste Pyrolysis Plant in South Africa

GreenBeston’s high output waste pyrolysis plant has completed installation and on-try in South Africa. The professional installing engineers from Beston work together with the local workers and guide them to install the whole set of machinery carefully. After installation, Beston engineers take an all-around examination, so as to make sure there are no bugs of … Read more