Meet Beston on IFAT 2020 Munich


Beston Group will attend IFAT 2020 Munich 2020. It is our second time to participate in this grand fair (last year in Johannesburg, South Africa). It is a great trade fair and an exhibition for all the world-top technologies of waste management. We will bring the latest technologies and design ideas about our main products, pyrolysis … Read more

Customer from Azerbaijan Visit Beston Carbonization Machine Factory

Carbonization Machine

A customer from Azerbaijan visited our carbonization machine factory recently. He visited the workshop for the continuous carbonization furnace and was satisfied by the BST03 charcoal machine. Also, he was impressed by the large-scale and standard production of Beston Group. We hope further cooperation in the future. If you are also interested in Beston Machines, … Read more

Meet Beston in Johannesburg of South Africa

Meet Beston on IFAT South Africa

Beston group will send a specialized delegation to participate in the Environmental Technologies EXPO of IFAT Africa 2019 in Johannesburg during July 9 and 11, 2019. This EXPO is an international environmental technology exchanging platform on which the productions and technologies of air, water, noise, soil, and solid waste pollution control will be displayed and … Read more

Meet Beston at Indo Water Expo and Forum

Indonesia Water Expo

Beston team will attend to the 2019 Indo Water Expo and Forum!  Time: From July 15 to July 18, 2019 Attendees of Beston Group: MR. ZOE ZHANG MR. FREDO WANG MISS SOPHIE LIU MR. GUOFENG ZHOU After the Expo, Beston team will stay in Indonesia until July 26. During the time, the team will visit … Read more

South African Customers Visited Beston Pyrolysis Plant Factory

Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturer

Recently, four South African customers visited Beston pyrolysis plant factory in Shangqiu City. They visited the workshop of the pyrolysis machine and were very interested in Beston’s design and production.  They also visited the waste sorting plant workshop and showed great interest in solid waste separation. Beston looks forward to cooperating with them in the … Read more

Dutch Customers Visited Beston Pyrolysis Plant

Netherland Pyrolysis Plant

Two Dutch customers visited Beston pyrolysis plant factory recently and showed great interest in our waste pyrolysis plants. If you are also interested in Beston pyrolysis plant for sale, you can leave your message to us freely below.

Beston will Visit Malaysia From Apr. 8 to Apr. 13, 2019

Waste Recycling Plant in Malaysia

Meet Beston in Malaysia NEXT WEEK! Beston will send a visiting team to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from Apr. 8 to Apr. 13, 2019. The visiting team plans to meet the local customers in Malaysia. Except for the excellent sales consultants (Nate He, Caroline Wu, and Anne Li) of Beston, two professional engineers, Mr. Xu and … Read more

Canadian Customer Visited Beston Carbonization Machine Factory

Carbonization Machine Canada

On March 12 and 13, 2019, Canadian customer visited Beston charcoal making machine factory. The customer has been engaged in biomass carbonizing industry for a long time and this time he planned to seek for the reliable equipment that can process tobacco sticks. With the accompany of Beston sales consultants and the factory’s director and … Read more

Thailand Customers Visited Beston Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal Machine

Charcoal Making Machine Thailand

Last week, three Thailand customers visited Beston palm kernel shell carbonization machine. The customers were engaged in the palm kernel oil industry for more than 10 years and they wanted to maximize the value of the palm kernel. Therefore, they were very interested in palm kernel shell charcoal making techniques. This time, they came all … Read more

Beston Will Visit the Philippines From March 17 to 29

Beston Visits The Philippines

A group of excellent sales consultants (Mr. Nash Jia, Mr. Kevin Zhu, Ms. Bella Hao, and Miss Joyce Dou) of Beston Machinery will visit the Philippines from Mar. 17 to Mar. 29, 2019. The four consultants will respectively visit Manila and Davao in the country. Before this visit, Beston has sent many visiting groups to … Read more