What is Municipal Solid Waste

Types of Municipal Solid Waste

Municipal solid waste, shorted as MSW, is also called as urban solid waste. It refers to the solid waste which is generated during people’s daily life and municipal activities in urban areas. The waste usually comes from households, commercial life, reassurance, hotels, tourist industry, transportation, industry and water supply and drainage system in cities. The … Read more

How to Segregate Waste

Where there’s human, there will be waste. Our life is full of consumables and we have to discard them once they are worn out. So it is inevitable that we will have trash, garbage and waste products. However, as more and more wastes are dumped to the landfills, which leads to a very serious situation … Read more

Garbage Sorting Machine

Where there is human activities, there is waste. Almost every big city in developing countries or areas is circled by a large area of waste and they take up our land and bring various pollution to the environment. So there is an urgent need for us to dispose those waste and save much more land … Read more