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Most charcoals for our daily use or industrial use are from various wood. But as the shrinking of the world forestry area and the increasing demands for wood resources in other aspects of human life, wood resources has become precious. In order to keep charcoals sustainable fuels for us to use and protect the forest resource of human, we are looking for a better way to produce charcoals. GreenBeston charcoal making equipment for sale uses various biomass waste as the raw materials to produce charcoals. It can realize the sustainability of limited resources and dispose of biomass waste properly as well. The equipment accepts all biomass waste, such as waste wood and sawdust from gardening or construction work, coconut shell, rice husk, bamboo, and even sewage sludge, etc and then turns them into clean fuels.

Charcoal Making Machine Price
High Quality Charcoal Making Equipment for Sale

As one of the professional charcoal making machine manufacturers, Beston has gained a good reputation depending on our high quality low price charcoal making equipment. We are dedicated to realizing harmony between human and natural resources and help people to do waste recycling. Charcoal making equipment is our star product and we use the technology of carbonization to carbonize the biomass into carbide, or called as charcoal. Different biomass can be produced into different charcoals, but most of them have the same wide usage in human’s daily life and industrial production. When you are having a barbecue with friends or when you try to dehumidify your house, you will always contact with carbide products. Therefore, most of our clients who use the charcoal making plant can gain additional profits from this machine.

Apparently, our charcoal manufacturing machine is neither a biomass waste recycling machine nor a machine to make charcoals, it is both of them and can do more than you imagine. Besides, we guarantee the quality and working efficiency of it, you can always count on GreenBeston.

GreenBeston Charcoal Making Equipment
Charcoal Manufacturing Equipment Price Low but Quality High

Competitive Features of Our Charcoal Production Equipment-

1. We use double layer structure, the upper layer is for drying and the lower layer is for carbonization.

2. We have original design for a new heating system which is called as One Fire Two Steps. It means we use one main heating source to heat the two layers at the same time. When heating the carbonization host, there will be residual heat released, and the heat can be used for the drying process. The whole process of heating can save energy, so as to save cost for the clients.

3. Our charcoal making equipment has safety configurations to ensure a safe operation process:

  • Central control system (optional for clients) can separate operator and the equipment for safety.
  • Protective casing to protect the operator from hurting by high temperature.
  • Sealing device in feeding and discharging section enables a safe operation and sanitary working place.
  • Standard control system for power section

The process of biomass carbonization is a process of high temperature pyrolysis, therefore, it is also known as biomass pyrolysis plant. After heating, the biomass waste can decompose into carbide. Moreover, we provide gasifer for our latest machine and it is optional for the clients. Generally in a biomass carbonization machine with gasifier, the biomass waste decomposes into carbide and combustible gas. The combustible gas will be separated into wood vinegar and tar and use them as fuel to heat the carbonization host. It is worth noting that the biomass waste, no matter waste branches, coconut shells or sawdust, shall be cut into small piece within the size of diameter≤200 mm and thickness≤ 30 mm.

Charcoal Making Equipment End Product
The End Product of Biomass Carbonization Machine–Biomass Charcoal

Types and Parameters of Beston Charcoal Making Equipment

Item Details
Model BST-05 BST-10 BST-20 BST-30
Hourly Feeding  Capacity 500kg 0.8-1 Tons 1.5-2Tons 2.5-3Tons
Working Method Continuous
Raw Materials 1.All kinds of biomass waste, such as sawdust, coconut shells, olive shells, palm shells, bamboo, etc.
2.Civil sludge, municipal sludge, industrial sludge, etc.
3.Municipal solid waste.
Reactor Size Φ800 Φ1000 Φ1300 Φ1700
Pattern Horizontal & Rotary
Heating Materials Charcoal, Wood, Diesel, Natural Gas, LPG, Biomass, etc.
Total Power 40 kw/h 55kw/h 60kw/h 72kw/h
Floor Area (L*W*H) 30m*15m*7m 35*15*7m 45*15*10m 50*15*10m
Operating Pressure Constant Pressure
Cooling Method Recycling Water Cooling
Life span 5-8 Years

As we know, charcoals are used widely in many areas. It mainly contains,
1. Daily life: fuel for barbecue
2. Agriculture: owing to the strong adsorption capacity, it can improve the quality of soil, so as to enhance the grain output
3. Industry: activated carbon; construction brick with clay and fuel in steel and iron factories, ceramics and so on.

Because of the high quality and wide usage of the charcoals produced by our charcoal making equipment, we promise our clients a considerable profits in the future after choosing it. We also guarantee a perfect before-and-after sale service and a professional team of installation and maintenance. If you need to recycle your wastes and you want to realize the conversion of waste to energy, you can always count on Beston. You can visit the homepage of GreenBeston for more information about waste recycling now.

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