Charcoal Making Machine in South Africa

Why charcoal making machine in South Africa becomes very popular in recent years? Because there are plenty of raw materials which can produce bio-charcoal, an alternative clean fuel to use in the country.

Charcoal Machines in South Africa
Bagasse Charcoal Making Machine in South Africa

In the vast land of South Africa, people plant sugarcane, wheat, corn and barely as the main crops. Thereinto, the output of sugarcane in South Africa keeps ranking in the top of the whole world. As we know, sugarcane bagasse is a good feedstock for a charcoal machine. As a result, it is really a big valuable business opportunity for local investors in South Africa. That’s why this kind of machines get so much popularity now.

Situation of Charcoal Making Machine in South Africa

At present, there are two main resources of the charcoal machines in South Africa. One is from the domestic suppliers, and the other is from foreign countries. As a result of the reasonable price and leading carbonization technologies of those machines in China, there’s a trend in South Africa that a lot of the buyers choose to purchase charcoal making machines in China. Correspondingly, the popularity of high-quality biochar production equipment for sale in Beston is also growing fast in South Africa now.

In recent couples of months, we have got many customers from Africa to visit. All of them spoke highly of our efficient continuous carbonization furnace because of the following unique features except for the affordable prices.

Charcoal Making Machine in South Africa
Beston Charcoal Making Machine Structure 3D Layout

Original Structure – One Fire Two Steps

We use one heat source to heat the two main parts of the machine, drying host and carbonization host. After heating the carbonization host, the carbonization process starts and there will be a lot of residual heat generated, the heat can be collected and used to provide heat for the drying host. This design will save a lot of energy and the cost of fuel for the customers.

Safety Designs

Operational safety: the central control system can separate the operator and the machine; the standard control system for the power section can make sure the safety of the power system; the protective casing can prevent the operators being hurt by the high temperatures.

Environmental protection: all the device in feeding and discharging parts are sealed can make sure an ash-free sanitary working environment; the specialized filtering system (including de-dusting, sulfur-removing, water spraying, and cleansing) and cooling system can make sure the flue gas of the machine meet the EU Environmental Protection Emission Standard.

The above two features make Beston’s machine standing out among all the charcoal making machine suppliers in China. That’s why we can get the recognition from more and more customers from South Africa.

Charcoal Making Machines South Africa
Customers from South Africa Visited Beston Charcoal Machine

Charcoal Making Machine for Sale in South Africa
South African Customers Speak Highly of Beston Carbonization Furnace

What Can You Do with the Charcoal Making Machine for Sale in South Africa?

1. Producing Bio-charcoal from Biomass Through Carbonization Process

Biomass is valuable in waste to energy industry. Simply speaking, it refers to the plants, animals and all other organic matters which can be used as energy. Therefore, all the organic matters you can imagine can be the raw materials of a charcoal machine theoretically. In the rural areas of South Africa, there are plenty of agricultural wastes. As for the urban areas, the volume of the sewage sludge also increases recent years as the increasing of the wastewater treatment factories. All the above-said wastes can become fuels with the help of the machine.

Wood Chips

Rice Husks

Sewage Sludge

2. Reducing 95% of the Organic Waste’s Volume

The machine can accept wood, wood chips, straw, rice husk, sawdust, coconut shells, palm kernel shells, sugarcane bagasse, and sewage sludge as the feedstock and turn them into charcoal. After briquetting, the volume of charcoal will be smaller than their original size, so to save space for the other waste.

3. Making Money

If you set up a charcoal making machine in South Africa, you will certainly make money from the machine. Generally, all the biochar has high heat value and strong ability of absorption, so it has wide uses and high market value in many industries.

Charcoal Machines in South Africa
Beston High-Quality Charcoal Making Machine for Sale in South Africa

With an overall consideration of the feedstock and future profits, you will find that investing in a charcoal making machine in South Africa is quite a wise choice. Moreover, to maximize the profits and minimize the influence on the environment, you also need reasonable prices and high quality of the machine. We welcome friends from South Africa as well as the whole African continent to visit Beston and know more about our high-quality and reasonable-cost charcoal making machines.
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