Continuous Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

GreenBeston’s latest continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant is able to process 24 tons of plastic per day in maximum. It can eliminate your anxiety while you standing in front of the hills of the plastic waste and knowing nothing to do with them.

The latest technology of pyrolysis helps us to complete the whole process of plastic recycling. Plastic waste, after washing and drying, decomposes into pyrolysis oil and carbon black in a sealed oxygen-absent reactor. During the process, you should keep a certain high temperature of the pyrolysis reactor so as to make sure a thorough decomposition.

Continuous Plastic Pyrolysis Machine
Beston Continusou Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to the Philippines

Benefits of A Continuous Waste Plastic Recycling Machine

  • Higher Output. Comparing with the batch-type small-scale plastic recycling plant, GreenBeston’s fully automatic continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant can work for 24 hours a day constantly and process 24 tons in maximum.
  • Higher Working Efficiency. It uses auto screw feeder to feed instead of manpower. That will definitely improve the working efficiency and reduce labor cost for the customers.
  • Easier to Operate. When operating the machine, feeding and discharging can happen simultaneously. Therefore, much more time will be saved and the process of operation becomes rather easier than the batch-type pyrolysis plant.


Durable and convenient to operate.

  • We use automatic submerged-arc welding techniques to improve the quality of plant and the ultrasonic flaw detector to make sure each piece flawless.
  • The PLC computer control system makes operation very easy.

High working efficiency but low energy consumption.

  • Fully automatic and continuous running for 24 hours without stop.
  • Spiral rotating heating of the raw materials in the pyrolysis reactor, making the heating process much more evenly and quicker.
  • New heating structure reduces energy consumption and improves heat utilization.

Totally green plant and pose zero pollution to the surrounding environment.

  • The residual gas discharging meets the EU environmental emission standard.

Final Products

  1. Pyrolysis oil: can be used as fuel so you can just sell it directly on the market, or you can reprocess it on your own by our waste oil distillation plant to get the qualified diesel. Large and heavy machinery can accept this diesel as fuel, i.e. ships, trains, planes, etc.
  2. Carbon black: sell directly on the market, or you can refine them into much finer powder by a carbon black grinder. After that, you can get N330 carbon black and use it in rubber and plastic industry as fortifier, filler, and the colorant, and also used to produce rubber seal,

Specification and Parameter

GreenBeston Continuous Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant for Sale

Model BLL-20
Daily Capacity 20-24T
Working Method Fully Continuous
Raw Materials Waste Plastic, Tyre, Rubber, Oil Sludge
Reactor Size D1.4*L11m
Pattern Horizontal & Rotary
Heating Materials Charcoal, Wood, Fuel Oil, Natural Gas, LPG, etc.
Total Power 71.4kw/h
Floor Area (L*W*H) 45*25*10m
Operating Pressure Constant Pressure
Cooling Method Water Cooling
Service Life 5-8 Years

Reliable Design of GreenBeston Continuous Waste Plastic Recycling Plant

GreenBeston continuous waste plastic to oil machine uses the following safety designs,

  • 100% avoid-burn technology and 100% explosion-proof technology to ensure the safety of operators in case of any danger.
  • Professional thermometer and pressure gage to inspect the temperature and air pressure at any time.
  • The specialized outlet valve clog-proof technique to make sure the safety of the working process.
  • The refractory material is applied to the casing to protect the operator from high temperature.
  • Small furnace door to make sure a stable and safe pyrolysis process in the reactor.

Continuous Plastic Waste Pyrolysis Plant

Continuous Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

Automatic Plastic Waste Recycling Machine

Continuous Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Production Line

1. Cleaning and drying. The plastic waste collected together should be first cleaned and dried.

2. Feeding. Continuous pyrolysis plant uses auto screw feeder to feed plastic into the pyrolysis reactor.

3. Oil gas generating. After the pyrolysis reactor being heated to a certain degree(about 160℃), oil gas will be generated and then go to the oil gas manifold.

4. Oil gas liquefaction. Heavy particles in the oil gas will be liquefied into heavy oil and then stored in the heavy oil tank. Light oil gas rises up to the condenser and then be liquefied into light oil to be stored in oil tank as well.

5. Combustible gas recycling. In the hydro seal, combustible gas will be cleansed. The sulfur in the gas can be removed during cleansing. After that, the gas will be used as fuel to heat the reactor.

6. Flue gas emission. Residual smoke generated during the pyrolysis and heating process will go to the de-dust system and then go to the spray tower for washing, water spraying, ceramic ring adsorption and activated carbon absorption. Finally, it will be discharged safely, meeting the EU environmental protection and emission standards.

7. Slag-out. During the whole process of pyrolysis, carbon black will be discharged through the auto screw discharger and then collected.

Continuous Plastic Pyrolysis Equipment
3D Layout of GreenBeston New Continuous Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Design

Buy Continuous Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant from a Reliable Manufacturer

As a professional continuous type waste plastic pyrolysis plant supplier, GreenBeston has engaged itself in researching and manufacturing various waste recycling plants for decades. We have our own professional factories and research team here in China and also technical support from foreign experts.

We have obtained certifications like ISO Environmental Management System Certificate, ISO Quality System Certificate, SGS Authentication and European Union Export Certificate. As one of a leading pyrolysis plant manufacturers, we have strong faith in our products that it can definitely help you to dispose of your waste and then make money from them.

If you are looking for a reasonable cost of a fully automatic continuous plastic waste recycling machine, GreenBeston will give you a plan of cost in details and prove to you that our plant has the highest cost performance ratio. You know China is prosperous in the industry now and our labor cost is a little bit lower than that in developed countries. Therefore, even with the same level of technology and techniques, our plants’ cost will be less than those in other countries.

Meanwhile, if you choose Beston products, there will be additional values affiliated. We have professional foreign trade exporting personnel and they can help you with the visa, clearance and any other details in exporting to make sure our cooperation smooth and easy. Our perfect after-sale service and professional maintenance team will help you with the subsequent problems or troubles you encounter while using the plant.

Continuous Plastic Recycling Machine
Beston Continuous Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant in South Africa

GreenBeston’s continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant has become more popular owing to the larger capacity, safer design, and easier operation. In recent years, we have set up this kind of machines in Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, Jordan, the UK and Canada. It is now helping more people, organizations, and governments in plastic waste treatment. I happen to have a large amount of plastic to treat, you can rely on us or go back to our homepage for more information you want.

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