Garbage Sorting Machine

Where there is human activities, there is waste. Almost every big city in developing countries or areas is circled by a large area of waste and they take up our land and bring various pollution to the environment. So there is an urgent need for us to dispose those waste and save much more land for ourselves. Facing with the hills of wastes and frowning, I believe you will need our garbage sorting machine to help you get all the waste sorted and then send them to receive reprocessing. As the increasingly amount of waste, this machine has a huge market potential and will also bring you a lot of profits in the future.

Waste Sorting Machine
Beston High Working Efficiency Garbage Sorting Machine for Sale

The high quality but low price garbage sorting machine for sale in GreenBeston ranks highly in the market of waste sorting machine. We have a professional research team and they have combined our original designs to the advanced technology of waste sorting in the world together to create a large garbage separation system with a high working efficiency.

Advantages of Beston Garbage Sorting Machine

1.The whole process of sorting, except for manual sorting platform, is fully automatic. It save manpower so as to reduce the cost of our clients. Meanwhile, it can make sure operation safety.
2.We add manual auto switcher and emergency stop device in case emergency happens.
3.We configure deodorization system with the machine to keep a favorable and healthy working environment for the operator.
4.If the clients have different requirements about the specific size, devices or structure according to their real demands, we can provide customizing service and adjust the relevant details of the machine.
5.Our waste sorting plant can also treat mining waste, so we add sealed belt conveyor in particular to reduce the ash and dust.
6.Specialized de-dusting system is also equipped to prevent air pollution around the workshop.
7.Our clients can get recyclable final products from this machine, so they can earn considerable money from those products.
8.Beston provides best after-sale service and professional technical support team and we are always here for you.

Specification and Parameter of Beston Garbage Sorting Machine

Model BFX-100 BFX-200 BFX-400
Raw materials Municipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste and mining waste
Capacity 5 T/H 10T/H 20T/H
Power 149KW 224.7KW 279KW
Area 2400㎡ 2800㎡ 3000㎡
Working time 20 hours 20 hours 20 hours

Since our garbage separation system requires a quite large area, we provide customizing service for our clients according to the reality of their geographic situation and actual area of land.

Garbage Separation System
Garbage Separation Machine Cost Low, Quality High

How to Separate Garbage for Recycling

1.Firstly, garbage will be unloaded onto the plate feeder and the feeder transits those garbage to uniform materials spreader, which is installed at the rear end of the feeder. The spreader will spread those garbage uniformly on the belt conveyor. It enables the operation of subsequent procedures much more convenient.

2.Secondly, the conveyor transit the garbage onto the manual sorting platform. Large pieces garbage, like quilt, bricks, glasses, big wood branches and hazard waste will be picked out manually.

3.Thirdly, the belt conveyor transit the garbage to rotatory screening machine. Before the garbage going to the rotatory screening machine, the plastic bags in the garbage can be broken by the bag breaker to make sure the following procedures running smoothly. And then the rotatory screening machine screens the garbage through the bores, which has a diameter of 50 mm. As a result, it can screen oversized materials and undersized waste.

4.Oversized materials will firstly go to magnetic separation machine, and the metal materials, like iron can or tins will be separated out. The rest oversized materials will be sent to comprehensive winnowing machine. Through this machine, the light plastic wastes, heavy materials and other wastes will be sorted clearly.

5.Light plastic waste will be sent to manual sorting platform and impurities will be picked out. Finally they will be sent to the packaging machine by belt conveyor. Heavy materials, including hard plastic waste, fabrics, rubber products and large organic wastes will also be packed and then wait to the subsequent processing. Since most of the oversized materials are combustible, so the clients can also choose to send them out to landfill or use them to produce electricity.

Honestly, owing to the shrinking space of land areas, we strongly recommend our clients to reprocess the wastes instead of sending them landfill. Comparing with landfill, the clients can get much more profits to reprocess them in proper ways. The final products of our garbage separation machine has large potential values.

Final Product of Garbage Sorting Machine
Plastic Granules

Waste Metal from Waste Sorting Machine
Steel Production

Final Product of Waste Segregation Machine

Pyrolysis Plant Diesel Oil
Diesel from Plastic

Final Product of Garbage Sorting Machine
Rubbish Derivation Fuel

Plastic: use plastic to diesel plant to get diesel; use waste plastic pelletizing machine to produce plastic pellets, which can make new plastic products.
Metals: use them as the raw materials in steel factories.
Brick bats and stones: produce new bricks
Organic wastes: through fermentation system to get biogas, or use them as the raw materials for a charcoal making equipment
Kitchen refuse: can be used as fertilizer or get biodiesel
Combustible materials: can be used as Rubbish Derivation Fuels.

We all know that garbage sorting is usually the first and most important step for a whole circle of waste recycling. Beston is a professional garbage sorting machine manufacturer and you can fully trust us and our plant. In accordance with the different actual situations of different countries, we can provide customizing installation and configuration plans for our clients. We also provide rich kinds of subsequent waste recycling plants for the waste you sort out, if you want to know more about them, you can go back to our homepage for more information.

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