Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine

The municipal solid waste sorting machine manufactured by GreenBeston can solve the MSW disposing problem effitively depending on the advanced waste sorting technology and proven ability to deal with all kinds of wastes in urban areas. It is very helpful in solving all kinds of consequences brought by the fast urbanization process in many countries.

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Municipal Solid Waste

The municipal solid waste(MSW) varies in different cities at different times. Generally, it consists of municipal household refuse, construction waste, ordinary industrial solid waste and hazardous solid waste, etc. Owing to the complex types of municipal solid waste, it is very hard to treat them together. Meanwhile, most of the wastes are actually recyclable and  holding large values potentially. Therefore, municipal solid waste sorting machine which can get various wastes sorted according to the materials and future values has been turned out to be very useful.

As a big developing country, China has faced with more serious problem of municipal solid waste, so as the leader in waste treatment industry of China, Beston are experienced in how to sort them apparently. Using the most advanced waste sorting technology, our municipal solid waste treatment plant has also successfully helped many clients from different countries.

A respectively complete waste sorting machine is consisted of the main parts like plate feeder, uniform material spreader, bag breaker, sealed belt conveyor, rotating screen machine, comprehensive winnowing machine, manual sorting platform, gravity separator, hydraulic packing machine, hydraulic metal presser and spraying deodorization tower, etc.

Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Plant
Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine for Sale

Working Process of Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine for Sale

  • Firstly, bulky wastes like toilet, furniture, bulky construction wastes should be sorted out manually and then the rest will be transmitted to plate feeder.
  • Secondly, the wastes will be sent to the uniform materials spreader which is installed in the rear-end of the feeder. After being spread uniformly, the wastes will be conveyed to the manual sorting platform. And the operator pick big articles like quilt, cotton cloths, big branches, sticks, bricks bottles and hazardous wastes out.
  • Thirdly, bag breaker can break the refuse bags for subsequent operation. After that, wastes will be sent to rotating screening machine. The bore diameter is 50 mm, so it can screen wastes according to diameters. The undersized matter (<50mm) are usually organics and they can be sent to compost workshop directly after the suspension-type magnetic separation separating iron matters out. Oversized materials (>50 mm) will also be sent to magnetic separation to separate stuffs like iron drink cans and packaging tins and then be sent to the eddy separator to pick out non ferrous matters. And then the rest wastes will be sent to bag breaker and winnowing machine.
  • Comprehensive winnowing machine can sort the flowing materials out, light plastic waste; heavy materials (such as bricks and stones, rubber overshoes, ceramic chips, glasses, etc); and combustible materials like hard plastic, textile fabrics, rubber products and wet papers, etc.
  • At manual sorting platform, light plastic will be sent to packing machine after sundries being sorted. It can be sold directly after being pressed and packed. Usable parts from heavy materials will be sorted out for further treatment and the rest will be shipped out for landfill or receive focus utilization. Usable parts from other materials will also sorted out for further treatment likewise. Hard plastic, textile fabrics, rubber products and organics can be sold out after being pressed and packed.
  • Finally, most of oversized wastes sorted out are combustible, so they are usually shipped out after pressing and packing and then used to generate electricity or for landfill. Wastes pressing case is optional for clients to choose according to the ways of transportation.
Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine
Waste Recycling Sorting Machine Work Flow

Potential Value of End Products of GreenBeston Municipal Solid Waste Processing Plant

Our municipal solid waste recycling processing plant can process various wastes according to their volume, materials and natures, etc. Finally, you can get the following end products with potential values in the market,

  1. Plastic: can get pyrolysis oil and carbon black from plastic to oil plant : pyrolysis oil can extract diesel from oil distillation plant and carbon black can be used to make rubber enhancer; be pelletized into plastic granules by plastic recycling plant for further use.
  2. Metal: can be used to produce other steel materials
  3. Brick bats and stones: can be pressed into new bricks for construction use.
  4. Organics: can get biogas from fermentation system.
  5. Biomass (straws, sewage sludge, wood chips, etc): can produce charcoals by charcoal making machine.
  6. Kitchen garbage: can be recycled into organic fertilizer or bio diesel.
  7. Combustible materials: can be used for producing fuels.

Plastic Dana
Plastic Granules

Waste Metal from Waste Sorting Machine
Steel Production

Biogas for fertilizing soil and land
Biogas from Organic Wastes

End Product of Waste Sorting Machine

Pyrolysis Plant Diesel Oil
Diesel Oil from Pyrolysis Plant

Advantages of High Efficiency Low Price Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine

  • Strong ability to handle a variety of wastes, including household refuse, construction waste, ordinary industrial solid waste and medical wastes, etc.
  • High working efficiency. For example, an adjustable uniform materials spreader is installed in the rear end of the feeder and rotates harmoniously with the feeder. It can keep the uniformity of the wastes so that improve working efficiency.
  • Unique structure facilitates transportation and installation.
  • Flexible configuration in accordance with the real needs of the clients.
  • Spraying and deodorization system ensures a pleasant and healthy working environment for the operators and workers.
  • Except for manual sorting parts, all the operation are automatically to avoid manual mistakes.
  • A monitoring system to keep a sound and smooth working process.
  • The whole waste sorting system is within an all-round sealed environment process to reduce waste pollution.
  • It can also be used for treating mining garbage because of the well-sealed structure. De-dusting system is optional for the clients to keep the working process much more cleaner.
Urban Waste Sorting Machine
Municipal Solid Waste

Specifications of the Machine

Model BFX-100 BFX-200 BFX-400
Raw materials Municipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste and mining waste
Capacity 5 T/H 10T/H 20T/H
Power 149KW 224.7KW 279KW
Area 2400㎡ 2800㎡ 3000㎡
Working time 20 hours 20 hours 20 hours

GreenBeston has engaged in exporting of eco-friendly machinery design and manufacturing for decades, we are professional and experienced and we are ready to serve all the clients across the world. If you want to know other waste treatment plants except for the municipal solid waste sorting machine, please go to the homepage of GreenBeston to know more or contact us for more information now.

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