Oil From Plastic Machine

The oil from plastic machine refers to the plastic oil which extracted from a pyrolysis machine. Why can we get oil from plastic waste? As we all know, plastic has complicated compositions and the raw material to produce plastic is the petrolatum. Thus it is possible to get oil from waste plastic with the help of some advanced technology.

Oil from Plastic Plant
Pyrolysis Oil from Plastic Machine

All the plastic to oil machine for sale on the market uses the technology of pyrolysis, so the oil from plastic machine is usually called plastic oil or pyrolysis oil. The color of the oil is usually dark and brown due to the complicated composition of plastic wastes.

Can We Get Oil from All Types of Plastic Waste

You cannot produce oil from all the kinds of plastic wastes. For some of the plastic waste, like those which are made of PET and PVC, they are not possible and suitable to do that so far.

Oil from Plastic Machine
Produce Oil From Plastic Plant

In addition, the different kinds of plastic wastes usually have different oil yields, and you can refer to the following statistics,

Types of Plastic Oil yield
PE 85%-95%
Polypropylene (PP) 80%-90%
Polystyrene(PS) 80%-90%
ABS plastic 40%
Pure white plastic sheeting 60%-70%
Fishing net, safety net 45%-50%
Bags of instant noodles 40%
Plastic trademark 20%
Pure plastic cable 60%-80%
Clean plastic bags 50%

Plastic to Oil Plant

Oil Refinery Machine
Oil Distillation Plant

Uses of the Plastic Pyrolysis Oil

Pyrolysis oil from plastic waste can be used as fuel for factories like steel factory, cement factory, boiler manufacturing factory and power station. It can also be used as the fuel for heavy oil generator.

It cannot be used directly to drive vehicles because of the impurities. So, most people choose to make diesel from plastic oil by an oil distillation machine. It can refine the oil from plastic waste into higher-quality diesel. After that, the oil can be used as fuel for large heavy machinery, tractors, ships or plane, etc.

The price of plastic pyrolysis oil for sale on the market is very attractive, thus you can sell the oil if you invest in this kind of machines. As a reliable plastic recycling machine manufacturer, we can assure you that it will be a considerable reward for your investment.

Main types of Plants for Oil from Plastic Wastes offered by Beston

Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Machine
BLJ-6 Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant for Sale


Model BLJ-6 BLJ-10
Daily Capacity 6T 10T
Reactor Size D2.2*L6.0m D2.6*L6.6m
Pattern Horizontal & Rotary
Total Power 24kw/h 30kw/h
Floor Area (L*W*H) 30*10*8m 30*10*8m
Cooling Method Water Cooling

Turning Plastic into Fuel Oil
Semi-Continuous Pyrolysis Reactor

Model BLJ-16
Daily Capacity 15-20T
Reactor Size D2.8*L7.1m
Pattern Horizontal & Rotary
Total Power 54kw/h
Floor Area (L*W*H) 40*10*8m
Cooling Method Water Cooling

Continuous Pyrolysis Plant
Continuous Plastic Recycling Plant

Model BLL-20
Daily Capacity 20-24T
Reactor Size D1.4*L11m
Pattern Horizontal & Rotary
Total Power 71.4kw/h
Floor Area (L*W*H) 45*25*10m
Cooling Method Water Cooling

Process of Making Oil From Plastic Plant

  1. Feeding the plastic into the reactor of the plastic pyrolysis machine.
  2. Heating the reactor. When the temperature inside the reactor reaches to 160 ℃, oil gas will be generated.
  3. Oil gas goes to the manifold. The heavy particle in the oil gas is liquefied into heavy oil and the life oil gas rises up to the condenser and then also liquefied into oil. The two kinds of oil will be stored respectively in the oil tank. The light oil is the pyrolysis oil you get from waste plastic.
  4. There will also be combustible gas generated during the pyrolysis process. The combustible gas can be used as the fuel to provide heat for the reactor.

From plastic to oil, it is a complicated process that needs professional equipment to help. In order to get high-quality oil from plastic machine safely, you will need a reliable plant for oil from plastics. Beston is a leading manufacturer of this kind of plant in China. If you are interested in producing oil from plastic wastes, know more about our plants now or leave your message here to us directly.

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