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As the whole world is now faced with an increasingly serious energy crisis, people have paid more and more attention to alternative energy resources. Since waste materials possess tremendous potential for recycling and reusing, they become the main resource that can produce sustainable energy through certain technologies. Pyrolysis is one of the technologies that widely used in many countries to produce diesel oil from used car tyres and waste plastic. There are more and more pyrolysis machines for sale on the market due to the development of the technology of pyrolysis. As a result, the number of excellent pyrolysis equipment manufacturers have also increased fast in recent years.

Pyrolysis Plant Suppliers
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Where Can You Find Pyrolysis Equipment Manufacturers?

Decades ago, there are only a few pyrolysis machine manufacturers in some developed countries like USA, Sweden and Japan. With the globalization of science and technology, more and more professional waste tyre and plastic pyrolysis machine manufacturers have sprung out all over the world, especially in Asia. Comparing with other manufacturers, Asian pyrolysis plant manufacturers and suppliers always provide high-quality machines with quite a low price, because the labor cost and materials cost in the area is quite lower than those in European countries or the US.

How Do We Define An Excellent Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturer?

An excellent scrap plastic or waste tyre pyrolysis plant supplier should excel in research, manufacturing and after-sale services at the same time. They can be called as excellent pyrolysis equipment manufacturers and supplier only if they meet the following conditions,

  • Holding advanced technology and techniques of waste pyrolysis.
  • Having strong factories to manufacture high quality pyrolysis equipment.
  • Providing both small pyrolysis machines and large scale ones with different daily capabilities.
  • A good after-sale service that can help the clients with the subsequent using of the machines.
  • An affordable pyrolysis machine price to make sure the machine has high performance cost ratio.

Waste Pyrolysis Plants Cost
High Quality Low Cost Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant for Sale-GreenBeston

GreenBeston-A Dedicatory and Professional Pyrolysis Machine Manufacturer

GreenBeston has dedicated to doing research on waste to energy for decades. As one of the best and professional pyrolysis equipment manufacturers in the world, GreenBeston has a strong team of research and manufacturing.

Our pyrolysis plant can accept a wide range of raw materials, such as used car tyres, plastic waste, oily sludge, rubber products and also medical waste. We use the advanced technology of pyrolysis to get carbon black and pyrolysis oil from waste tyres and plastic waste. What’s more, organic wastes can also be recycled through this machine into bio char.

If you choose to buy a pyrolysis equipment from GreenBeston, you can enjoy the best service of us. Besides, we has a strong team of maintenance and installation who can help you to do the subsequent works after the machine shipped to your place. Additionally, GreenBeston also has a strong team of sales personnel who are good at exporting and foreign trade. Once you choose GreenBeston, you can receive the most efficient high quality service.

Advantages of GreenBeston Waste Pyrolysis Plant for Sale


1.We apply refractory material between the casing and the pyrolysis reactor. It can prevent the host from aging and avoid heat loss. At the same time, it can ensure the operator’s safety also.
2.New heating system. We combine open fire heating and wind-typed indirect heating together to create a new heating system.

High Efficiency and Low Cost

1.Strong condensing system. The tube-type condenser enlarges the condensing areas and improve working efficiency of the waste pyrolysis plant.
2.New heating structure can improve heating efficiency and reduce the cost of our clients.
3.Combustible gas generated during the pyrolysis can be collected and used to heat the reactor as fuel, so as to reduce the pyrolysis plant cost on fuels.

Plastic to Oil Machine for Sale
Pyrolysis Machine for Sale-GreenBeston

High Quality

The whole producing process of the plant uses auto-welding techniques to ensure the quality and life the plant.

High Safety

1.100% avoid-burn technology and 100% explosion-proof technology makes sure the safety in case of any emergency.
2.We have professional thermometer and pressure gage to inspect the temperature and air pressure at any time.
3.We use outlet valve clog-proof technique in our pyrolysis equipment for safe.

Multiple Options for Clients to Choose

1.We provide PLC computer control system and provide three levels of control systems for our clients to choose.
2.Our pyrolysis machines have dehydration and edulcoration facilities for our clients to choose if the raw materials contains water.
3.We have batch-type, semi-continuous and fully continuous pyrolysis plant for our clients to choose.

Pyrolysis Equipment Manufacturers
Medical Waste Pyrolysis Plant

All in all, the quality of pyrolysis machines you want to purchase is the most important when you look for the excellent pyrolysis equipment manufacturers. GreenBeston always promises that we will provide the best pyrolysis plant for sale with the best quality. In addition, we have a strong ability to provide other waste recycling plants like waste sorting machine and biomass carbonization machine. Therefore, if you want to know more information about those machines for sale, you can go back to the homepage of GreenBeston or leave a message to us at any time.

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