Tyre Wire Drawing Machine

GreenBeston supplies world top waste tyre pyrolysis plants for sale. At the same time, we also have professional pre-treatment machines and devices for tyre processing, such as tyre shredder, to make the pyrolysis process much more easier. Before the tyre being shredded into pieces, we will need the help of a tyre wire drawing machine to get the bead wires out from the inside of the tyres.

GreenBeston hydraulic tyre wire drawing equipment can pull the bead wires inside of the tyres out completely for one time. It can make the following processing of waste tyres including shredding or cutting and pyrolysys process much easier. The main parts of this machine is electromotor oil pump, hook, four-bladed vane, rack, oil cylinder, hydraulic pressure stands, control handle, guide pulley, etc.

Tyre Drawing Machine Manufacturer
Waste Tyre Wire Drawing Machine for Sale-GreenBeston

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We supplies two types of wire drawers, one is single-hook and the other is double-hook. Double-hook wire drawing machine has much larger daily capacity than the single hook one. They are also different in sizes and appearances. The clients can freely select the suitable types for themselves considering of their real needs, space of the workshop and amount of their waste tyres waiting for processing.

Specification and Parameters of Tyre Wire Drawing Machine for Sale

Model BPS-LD-1200 Single hook BPS-LS1200 Duel Hook
Capacity 30-60 pcs/hour 60-120 pcs/hour
Tyre size ≦Ø 1200mm ≦Ø 1200mm
Motor power 7.5kw 18.5kw
Working pressure 15ton /
Cylinder moving distance 1300mm /
Dimensions 3150*750*1400mm 2300*2000*1530mm
Weight 1.6ton 6.5ton
Tyre Wire Drawing Machine
Single Hook Tyre Wire Drawing Equipment

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Features of GreenBeston Tyre Wire Drawing Machine Design

  1. Compact structure. This equipment is not so big and covers a maximize area of about 5 ㎡, so it is easy to handle and can save a lot of space for the clients.
  2. High efficiency. The largest capacity per hour of this machine can reach to 120 pieces of waste tyres and it is very competitive on the market of like products.
  3. Safety design. This tyre steel wire pulling machine has protective rack and it can protect the operator from hurting by the sharp head of the steel wire.
  4. Easy to Operation. GreenBeston tyre wire drawing machines are fully automatic. The whole processing of the machine is automatically. The operator only needs to know how to operate the control system.
  5. Smooth and complete separation of steel wire and the rubber tyres. We make sure you get clean steel wires from the tyres without any rubbers or impurities stuck on.
Tyre Wire Drawing Machine Price
Double Hooks Tyre Wire Drawing Machine

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Wire Drawing Process of Waste Tires

Firstly, the hook is driven by hydraulic system and stretches into the waste tyres. Secondly, press the start button and then the steel wire will be pulled out by the hook under a strong power of pull. At the same time, rubbers will be stripped away from the wires. Because the pulling port can prevent rubbers going out, finally we can get clean wires and the whole pulling procedure is fairly smooth. And then the tyres will be sent to the shredder and wait for shredding. The steel wires can be collected and used as raw materials for producing steel bloom by hydraulic press-packing.

Tyre steel wire pulling drawing machine and tyre shredder are always utilized together as an integrated pre-treatment system for waste tyre recycling. If the tyre diameter exceeding 1200 mm, you will need a jaw cutter and a larger wire drawing machine. GreenBeston also provides wire drawing machines to treat tyres with a diameter more than 1200 mm and you can email us for more information about the machine.

Waste Tire Steel Wire Pulling Machine
GreenBeston High Quality Low Cost Tyre Wire Drawing Machine

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Tyre Wire Drawing Machine Price

GreenBeston tyre wire drawing machine price is reasonable. With a competitive quality of the machine, it also have competitive price. During the production, we adopt many energy-saving techniques and advanced manufacturing skills such as auto-welding to reduce the cost. Meanwhile, the quality of the machine can be guaranteed because of the strict and rigorous working attitude of the engineers and workers. Therefore, if you want to find an affordable machine with good quality, this machine will be a perfect choice for you.

Scrap Tyre Steel Wire Drawing Machine for Sale
Professional Tire Steel Wire Pulling Machine Manufacturer-GreenBeston

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Tyre Wire Drawing Machine Manufacturer

There are a lot of good tyre wire drawing machine manufacturers in China. GreenBeston is a pioneering one and we do a good job in exporting. Our machines are widely sold in many areas, such as South Africa, Southeastern Asia, Europe, Russia and Middle East, etc. We have a professional team of research and design. The after-sale service of GreenBeston is always the best because of our strong maintenance team. If the clients have any problems with installation and maintenance, the team will always ready to help. As a pyrolysis equipment manufacturer and supplier, GreenBeston provides different kinds of recycling plants to recycle plastics, tyres, agricultural wastes and municipal solid wastes. You can visit the homepage of GreenBeston to get more information if you’re interested.

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