Ukrainian Customers Visited Beston BLJ-10 Oil Sludge Pyrolysis Plant

Ukrainian customers visited GreenBeston and the factory of batch-type pyrolysis plant with the capacity of 10 tons per day on May 25&26, 2018.

After a warm reception of Beston sales manager and consultants, the customers made an on-the-spot investigation of our production line, finished products, and the testing ground.

Pyrolysis Plant for Sale
Ukrainian Customers Visited Beston Factory and BLJ-10 Pyrolysis Plant

We watched the testing run and the BLJ-10 pyrolysis plant together and the customers were satisfied with the working efficiency and output of the plant. Meanwhile, they believed the medium-sized plant was very economical and suitable for their budget. Besides, we can also supply smaller-sized and larger-sized continuous pyrolysis plant to meet different requirements of different customers.


Oily Sludge Pyrolysis Plant for Sale
Talked about the Design of BLJ-10 Oily Sludge Treatment Plant

After lunch, both sides had a conversation and talked about the newly designed pyrolysis equipment. According to the customers’ intention of using oily sludge as the raw material, Beston engineers changed some details of the design to make sure a safe and stable running and operation. The rigorous attitude of Beston professional engineers left a deep impression on the customers.

On May 26, we invited the customers to visit the headquarter of Beston, which locates in Zhengzhou City, the capital and commercial center of Henan Province and introduced the whole team to them. Again, the customers were amazed by the advanced facilities, professional crew, and the top technologies of GreenBeston.

Pyrolysis Plant Customers in Ukraine
Sales Team and Customers in GreenBeston’s Headquarters

Except for our high-quality pyrolysis plant for sale, the reason why GreenBeston is reliable in the eye of every customer lies on the following factors,

  • competitive prices
  • professional attitude
  • considerate services
  • rich experiences in foreign trade

If you are also interested in the pyrolysis plant or you have a certain amount of oily sludge, plastic waste or tires to process, you contact GreenBeston at any time.

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