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When you walk in the street, you see separate bins at the roadside. It is the most common scene in many cities of the world at present. Separate bins is the very first step for urban waste disposal. But if you are holding a large amount of solid waste in hand, a professional waste sorting system is the only and best choice for you. GreenBeston is a right manufacturer of the equipment you can rely on.

Waste Separation Plant
GreenBeston-Waste Sorting System Manufacturers

GreenBeston waste sorting system can separate all kinds of municipal solid waste. Usually, municipal solid waste includes waste municipal household refuse, construction waste, ordinary industrial solid waste and hazardous solid waste. However, the specific types of the waste vary according to different cities. According to different types of the solid waste, we supply scientific adjustment and customizing for the buyers of our waste sorting system.

In addition of municipal solid waste, GreenBeston automatic waste sorter can also process mining garbage. For this purpose, we add de-dusting system to the machine so as to prevent air pollution bringing by mining ashes and dust.

We adopt the advanced waste sorting technology to the waste sorting systems. And we have designed a reasonable and efficient sorting process for the system. Different from optical sorting machine manufacturers, GreenBeston manufactures a large comprehensive sorting system that consisted of different equipment to make sure each step of waste separation accurate and smooth. For example, we have magnetic separator, winnowing machine, gravity separator, and rotating screening, etc. In addition, we also have the part for manual sorting of waste. It further improve the accuracy of waste sorting.

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Waste Management Equipment for Sale


Why You Should Choose Our Machine 

1.Scientific Design and Configuration.

  • The reasonable structure facilitates transportation and installation.
  • We can supply flexible configuration in accordance with the real needs of buyers.

2.High Working Efficiency. Except for the manual sorting platform, all the parts of this system is fully automatic. Meanwhile, we keep the manual sorting part in particular to make sure a efficient and effective working process.

3.Safe and Reliable. Each of our waste sorting system has a special monitoring system to keep the working process safe and under control.


  • The whole waste sorting system is within an all-round sealed environment process to reduce waste pollution.
  • We also have deodorizing system to make sure the sanitary of the workshop and the health of operators.

Specification and Parameters

Different Types of GreenBeston Waste Separation Plant 

Model BFX-100 BFX-200 BFX-400
Raw materials Municipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste and mining waste
Capacity 5 T/H 10T/H 20T/H
Power 149KW 224.7KW 279KW
Area 2400㎡ 2800㎡ 3000㎡
Working time 20 hours 20 hours 20 hours

Waste Segregation Machine for Sale
Waste Sorting Equipment Working Process

Working Process of a High Efficient Waste Sorting Equipment for Sale

1.Garbage trucks which are loading all the solid waste dumps the garbage onto the loading platform. Before the waste entering the sorting process line, operators will firstly pick out the large pieces of wastes, such as furniture and bulky construction waste.

2.And then the rest of waste will come to the uniform materials spreader through a waste feeder. The spreader is in the rear-end of the feeder to make sure all the waste is spread uniformly and then conveyed to the manual sorting platform. Waste articles like quilt, cotton cloths, giant branches, wood sticks, brick bottles and hazardous wastes will be sorted out carefully by manpower.

3.After that, the rest waste will be conveyed to bag breaker. The bag break can break plastic bags and make sure the following processing smoothly.

4.Later, the waste will go to rotating screening machine. There are full of bores on the walls of the machine, and the diameter of the bore is 50 mm. Therefore, it can separate undersized matters and oversized materials. The undersized matter are usually organics and they will be sent to the suspension-type magnetic separation machine and then get the metal out.

5.The oversized materials will be sent to magnetic separation machine directly to get the iron drinks cans or packaging tins out. And then the rest wastes will be sent to the winnowing machine.

6.Comprehensive winnowing machine can separate the flowing materials out, light plastic waste; heavy materials (bricks and stones, rubber soles, ceramic chips, glasses, etc); and combustible materials(hard plastic, textile fabrics, rubber products and wet papers, etc).

7.All of the above waste will go to manual sorting platform again. At the platform, operator will re-check the impurities inside of the plastic waste, and then pack them together for transportation. They will also sort useful parts from the heavy materials and combustible materials likewise. Finally, the operators will press and pack all the useful materials respectively using a packaging machine. The materials have their own specific uses according to the nature and characteristics.

Automatic Garbage Separator
Waste Separation System-Plastic Waste Packing

Reprocessing of the Waste Separated by a Professional Waste Sorting System

Municipal Solid Waste Usages
Plastic After cleaning and assortment, the plastic waste can be raw material of a plastic to oil plant. Through the process of pyrolysis, you can get plastic oil and finally get qualified diesel from this using a waste oil refinery machine if you wish.
Metal Steel factories will need those metal to make new steel bars or other steel products.
Brick bats and stones Raw materials to produce new bricks and used in construction field
Organic wastes Raw materials to make biochar by a biomass pyrolysis plant; can be used to get biogas using a fermentation system
Kitchen residual Raw materials for organic fertilizer and bio diesel
Combustible materials Produce RDF (rubbish derivation fuel) and use to heat gasification equipment.

Waste Sorting System
3D Layout of Beston Solid Waste Sorting System

Get a Reasonable Waste Sorting Machine Price on the Market

Waste sorting system is a large-scaled equipment, therefore, you should fully consider of the cost and price when you decide to invest in it. Nevertheless, you can still get a very reasonable price from GreenBeston.

Our waste separation systems are well-known for the good quality and low cost. During the manufacturing process, we adopt several energy-saving techniques to reduce the cost. Meanwhile, the labor cost in China is respectively low in Asia. As a result, the comprehensive cost is reduced. But you will never worry about the quality of our garbage separation system since we have a strict production line and hold the top production techniques in the industry of trash sorting.
What’s more, GreenBeston has considerate after-sale service and strong engineering team of installation and maintenance. Those services can also reduce the subsequent cost on this machine for the clients.

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Waste Sorting Equipment for Sale

To sum up, GreenBeston waste sorting system is a proper urban waste sorting facility that you can rely on. It is a win-win waste management equipment for sale because it helps you dispose of annoying solid waste properly and gain profits from the end products simultaneously. If you want to know any other information about this plant or our company, you can go to the homepage of GreenBeston. We’re always here and ready for help you with your waste management problems.

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