Beston Group Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise with the ability of research, production, sales, services, import and export of recycling plants. We mainly supply the following five kinds of plants, i.e.  Beston pyrolysis equipment, charcoal making machine, municipal solid waste sorting plant, waste oil distillation plant, waste tyre recycling plant (rubber powder production line), plastic pelletizing machine and carbon black grinder.


We adopt the world-first-rated pyrolysis technology to the Beston pyrolysis equipment. We provide three types of this plant: batch, semi-continuous and fully continuous pyrolysis equipment. The batch-typed plant uses manpower to feed raw materials and pyrolysis of materials are for batches. Carbon black shall be discharged after the reactor is cooled down and then the second batch starts. The semi-continuous plant uses auto screw feeder. Carbon black can be discharged before the reactor is cooled down. Fully continuous pyrolysis plant can run constantly in 24 hours with auto screw feeder. Raw materials feeding and carbon black discharging can happen simultaneously before the reactor is cooled down. The three types are with different capacities for our clients to choose according to their specific needs.It is worthy to mention that we use a special casing outside the pyrolysis reactor, which is added refractory materials to prevent heat loss, ensure the operator’s safety and prolong the life-span of the reactor. The clients can get carbon black, steel wire and pyrolysis oil from waste tires, plastics, rubber, medical wastes and sludge oil, etc. The original design, safety configuration and energy saving structure of pyrolysis equipment has drawn much attention of clients from all over the world.

Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant
Beston supplies effective and quality waste tyre pyrolysis plant for sale. It can solve the environmental problem the large amount ...
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Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

Waste Plastic Recycling Unit
The waste plastic pyrolysis plant produced by GreenBeston has brought hope to dispose of plastic waste, one of the most annoying ...
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Rubber Pyrolysis Plant

Rubber Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturer
The rubber pyrolysis plant produced by GreenBeston is to recycle waste rubber products into the fuel oil. We also call it the ...
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Medical Waste Pyrolysis Plant

Biomedical Waste Disposal System
Except for scrap tyres, plastic and rubber pyrolysis plant, GreenBeston also has medical waste pyrolysis plant for sale. Different from ...
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The biomass carbonization machine is another important Beston product. It helps the clients to deal with all biomass wastes, such as coconut shells, rice husk, sawdust, wood and sewage sludge, and turns them into various charcoals. Since our charcoal making plant adopts double-layer  structure, one for drying and the other for carbonization, we’ve designed an original heating system, called as One Fire Two Steps to improve the heat utilization of the carbonization furnace, i.e. we provide only one heating source from the outside to heat the reactor and then use the residual heat generated during the process of carbonization as the heat source of the drying system. We also provide an optional gasifier for the carbonization process. With the gasifier, it can recycle the combustible gas generated by organics carbonization into new fuels to heat the reactor. This is designed for the clients who prefer to a much more energy-saving plant.

Biochar Making Machine

Biochar Production Machine for Sale
Investing in a biochar making machine is a wise choice. It can help you dispose of the biomass waste properly ...
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Charcoal Making Machine

Charcoal Production Equipment
GreenBeston charcoal making machine can produce bio-charcoal from all the organic wastes. People value biomass energy increasingly in recent years ...
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Wood Charcoal Making Machine

Charcoal Making Machine
Beston wood charcoal making machine can produce high-quality wood charcoal by the technology of carbonizing. After the recent upgrading of ...
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Biomass Carbonization Equipment

Carbonization Machine
Organic waste from household, garden and agricultural activities can all be called as biomass waste. GreenBeston provides high quality carbonization ...
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Beston urban waste sorting machine adopts a scientific and elaborate sorting process. It uses a rotating screening machine, winnowing machine, manual sorting platform, gravity separator and color sorting machine to sort different kinds of wastes accurately and strictly. Plastics, metals, glasses, stones and brick and organic matters sorted by the waste sorting system can receive subsequent recycling process for better uses.

This waste sorting system is a large-scale system that covers a large area, so it is suggested that you can add covers for the whole line. The wastes can be dumped into the embedded storage pit or directly to the dumping area near the line, and then forklift will load them onto the sorting line. We have also configured the odor control system to make sure a good and healthy working environment for the operators. Except for municipal solid waste, Beston waste separation machine can also deal with mining wastes. The sealed transmission device and the de-dusting device can effectively control fly ash and dust to make sure the environment of the surroundings.

Waste Sorting Machine

Waste Recycling Sorting Machine
Waste sorting machine has emerged for solving the trouble of solid waste disposal at the right moment and shows even ...
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Waste Separation Machine

Waste Separator Machine
Beston supplies professional waste separation machine for the customers who want to sort various wastes from urban life, industrial production, construction ...
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Garbage Separation System

Waste Sorting Facility
GreenBeston’s newly designed garbage separation system for sale is very necessary for those who want to invest in garbage sorting and ...
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Waste Sorting Plant

Garbage Separation System
It is said that there are about 7 to 10 billion tons of solid waste generated in the world by ...
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Since 1998, GreenBeston has strived the best to do research and production with heart and soul. We have grown into a professional manufacturer of pyrolysis equipment and other waste recycling plants.

As a green enterprise who keeps doing meaningful things for waste disposal and resource recycling, we have also obtained the ISO Environmental Management System Certificate, ISO Quality System Certificate, SGS Authentication and European Union Export Certificate. Because of our rich experience in exporting, the green plants of Beston have always been sold well in many countries of Southeastern Asia, Africa, South America, Middle East and Central and Eastern Europe, etc.

Holding the enterprise concept of Pursuit of Excellence and Constantly Perfecting ourself, we believe Beston Group will continue to strive hard to solve the issues of solid waste in everywhere of the world and create a much cleaner and brighter future for human. Feel free to contact us now if you want to know more about Beston pyrolysis equipment, charcoal machines and waste sorting machines, etc.